Personal Concierge Rates


The Concierge Guy takes pride in providing you with a boutique-style approach with professionalism and 

a personal touch.  When possible, The Concierge Guy will provide a time estimate for tasks that you

require, so you are aware upfront of what the charges will be. The rates and hours listed below are for 

general personal concierge services that better allow you to enjoy your HOME, the EVENT and LIFESTYLE. 


A customized proposal may be required for more specific requests, including event and

wedding concierge services.



General Hours of Service: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm


Premium rates may apply for extended hours, weekends, and holidays and will be offered on an “as available” basis. Please inquire directly and The Concierge Guy will do the best to accommodate you.


If, for any reason your primary concierge is not available, a secondary concierge will fulfill your request.

If a requested task requires more than one concierge, an additional $35.00 per hour will apply.


A two-hour minimum is required for all first-time clients.


General Personal Concierge Service Rates: $55.00 per hour


Minimum one-hour with 30-minute interval calculations thereafter.  


Charging by the hour instead of by the task provides more value to you. Depending on the task, 

The Concierge Guy can typically accomplish multiple tasks or errands within a one-hour timeframe.  




Personal Concierge Packages


“Hour Block” packages are offered for your convenience and overall value.

Simply purchase a package listed below and the time will be deducted as you request your services. 


Buy 10 Hours, get 1 complimentary hour

Hours expire at 60 days. Any unused hours roll over in a new package.


Buy 20 hours, get 3 complimentary hours

Hours expire at 120 days. Any unused hours roll over in a new package.




Event & Wedding Concierge Services & Rates


No matter the occasion, when you task The Concierge Guy to coordinate, support and manage the details before, during, or afterward, you and your guests can relax and enjoy. From the backyard BBQ, the baby shower, house-warming, wedding shower, birthday party, retirement celebration, corporate event, or the wedding day,

"Leave it to Dillard and consider it done!"


Catering & Menu Management | Site visits | Tables, Chairs & Linen Rental | Decor & Floral vendor Management

Timeline Management | Shopping & Errands | Guest Support & Accommodations | Venue Selection

Rental Pick-ups & Returns | Vendor Payment Reminders | Staffing Services | Pet Care/House-Sitting

Rehearsal Dinner & Reception, etc.


General Personal Concierge Rates - $55.00 per hour apply to all events, excluding wedding day.

Wedding Day Concierge: Lead Wedding Concierge - $65.00 per hour (12-Hour Minimum)

Additional Wedding Concierge support is $55.00 per hour each (12-Hour Minimum).

Make an impression at your next event with a professional bartender, coat check,

welcome & registration staffer.  $55 per hour


Let's set up a complimentary consultation!




Corporate Incentives Services & Rates


Concierge service - a custom benefit for employees.


Providing concierge services as an employee benefit is an effective tool for recruiting and retaining great talent. It’s also an ideal way to send the message to your staff that you value them more than ever. The Concierge Guy provides business concierge services, with a full-scale errand running component for corporations to offer as a compelling employee benefit in addition to the 401(k), health and dental plans and vacation packages.  


What makes errand running services so valuable?


Everyone’s day-to-day is different but for most 24 hours in a day is never enough. Our errand services keep things manageable. Need someone to go to the house to wait for a plumber? How about picking up an important gift, or planning the staff retirement party, the office birthday parties, dropping off the car at the shop, customizing a Get Well or Care package for someone in the hospital, or helping out the new mommy or new daddy while on maternity leave? Whatever the office or your employees don’t have the time or inclination to do—The Concierge Guy does, and extremely well. This allows your office and employees to focus on the really important aspects of their life, which might be in the boardroom or on the bleachers at a Little League game.


Business concierge service and the integrated lifestyle


Concierge service is an employee benefit entitling you to peace of mind on the job. There’s a growing movement in corporate America to bring reality to the workplace, respecting the demands of family, home, and personal life while showing employees how valued they are, and their time is to the organization.  The Concierge Guy is uniquely positioned as an integrative benefit to energize your workforce. Enabling better performance on the job, through increased productivity and satisfaction and decreased absenteeism, while increasing work/life balance.  


A customized program and service model


Please allow The Concierge Guy to design a custom program to meet the unique needs of your office environment and entire team of employees.


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